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We are happy to welcome you to the official website for Full Body Rejuvenation Center in Stonecrest GA. Dr. Nailah Smith and the rest of our dedicated team look forward to providing every member of your family with the highest standard of natural, non-surgical health and wellness care, from chiropractic adjustment and physiotherapy to chronic pain management. We can help you and your loved ones recuperate from injuries, correct longstanding posture/alignment issues, and take proactive measures to stay well year after year.

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Services We Provide

Chiropractic services are central to our approach because the musculoskeletal and nervous systems are central to your comfort, health and function. Gentle, precise adjustments from our Lithonia/StoneCrest GA chiropractor can improve joint motion, restore proper spinal alignment and normalize nerve signaling.
Physiotherapy makes a perfect complement to chiropractic care. We can administer electrical muscle stimulation, mechanical traction, cryotherapy, ultrasound, corrective exercises and other therapeutic techniques.

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Get to Know Our Lithonia/StoneCrest GA Chiropractor

You couldn't be in better hands when you rely on our founder and StoneCrest GA chiropractor for holistic health and wellness. Dr. Smith is an established pillar of the medical community who belongs to such distinguished organizations as the National Association of Professional Women, the American Chiropractic Association, and the board of the StoneCrest Chamber of Commerce. Her "full body" approach to healing goes beyond chiropractic treatment to embrace multiple healing modalities, each of which supports the others as part of your personalized care plan. "Putting the care back in health care" is her stated goal, and you'll appreciate the genuine compassion and quality of care she provides every time you pay her a visit.

Our dedication to providing full-body care means that we offer a wide range of services here at Full Body Rejuvenation Center for our patients in StoneCrest and surrounding areas. Combining these non-surgical, drug-free services into holistic health, wellness and rehabilitation programs enables us to meet your individual needs as safely and effectively as possible. We can help you with:

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Auto Accident and Workers Comp Injuries

When you're suffering from an auto accident or workplace injuries, turn to our clinic for help. We're happy to take workers comp cases and prescribe the ideal mix of non-invasive therapies to get you back to work or back on the road.

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Pain Management

We can provide effective pain management that addresses your underlying issues instead of merely drugging the pain symptoms.

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pediatric care

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care can safely help your kids experience optimal growth, development, and relief from common childhood ailments.

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Give your well-being a new lease on life, starting today. Call (770) 733-1381 to set up a visit to Full Body Rejuvenation Center -- and take advantage of the complimentary spinal evaluation we offer to our first-time visitors!

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Your Lithonia/Stonecrest Chiropractor

  • I had been experiencing excruciating pain in my back and legs for a few months. I read about Dr. Nailah Smith in Top Docs magazine. I went to her chiropractic office and with her skillful therapy, I was pain free in 2 weeks.

    - Dorothy J G.
  • My first visit to the Chiropractor’s office was in so much pain. I also told Dr. Smith that I really couldn’t afford it. She said that was okay her main concern was getting me out of pain. I thought that she would just give me a shot and the pain would just go away however; that was not the case. She sat down with my papers and illustrated what was going on with my back and discussed the reason why I was in pain she also pulled out her skeleton to show me where the pain was coming from she also showed me on x-ray. If I didn’t get treatments my condition would get worse.

    I’ve had several visits with her now I can truly say I’m no longer in any pain! Each time I came to the office I was treated very good and I also liked the smell each time I came in. My office visits were always during my lunch, this allowed me to come right in and right out. I always felt relaxed and didn’t want to go back to work. I made sure to complete all of my visits.

    This is my testimony! If I know of anyone who has back pain I would truly recommend Dr. Smith.


    Show More - Marge G., Patient no longer in pain.
  • I was injured on my job in December, 2009. As a result of this injury, I have been experiencing excruciating pain in my lower back. I tried physiotherapy but it didn’t help. I looked on the internet and found Dr. Naliah Smith. I started coming to the chiropractor about two months ago. My pain level was between eight and ten. Dr. Smith put me on a schedule to come in three times a week for three weeks and so on. Two weeks after I started care, my pain level had dropped to a five. I no longer have pain in my back. Thanks to Dr. Naliah Smith and her wonderful staff at Full Body Rejuvenation Center. I highly recommend chiropractor Dr. Smith to anyone.

    Show More - Tiekka S
  • Dr. Smith has made a great difference with my health. I had major pain along my spine, in the middle of my back and neck area. My pain was caused by stress and activities at work. With her techniques and adjustments, my pain is very minimal. Some days I have no pain at all. She is a great chiropractor and person.

    Show More - Shinta M
  • Dr. Smith was a great help to me. I came to her with knee problems. I became a patient at her office, and we began treatment for my knee problems, she also adjusted my back. I am a football player, and  with Dr. Smith’s help I was ready for the season.

    Thanks Dr. Smith,

    - Reggie S. Virginia, Union University
  • My name is Jasmine Fuller in 2001 I had an unfortunate accident.  I fell off of the high bar in gymnastics and landed on my neck.  In October of 2007 I began to experience an awfully  sharp pain in my in my right arm, by April the pain was unbearable my parents took me to my primary care physician where they did x-rays and found nothing they even told me that I might need surgery.  My mother wanted to try another route first so she brought me to Dr. Smith (the Chiropractor).When I came to Dr. Smith she told me exactly what was wrong even though I did not tell her about the incident in 2001.  In 4-6 weeks I felt completely REJUVENATED! Thanks to Dr. Smith I can cheer without any pain.

    Show More - J. F., Cheerleader S.H.S.
  • I was in a car accident in 1985 that left me with a back and neck problems. I have been under chiropractic care for the past 22 years. My first doctor was very good but after seeing him for 10 years, he retired. He was the only doctor that could move my hip to relieve my lower back pain and adjust my neck to relieve the neck pain.

    I went through 7 different doctors over the next 10 – 12 years trying to find the right one that could help me. No one could move my hip. As time progressed, it was brought to my attention that my pants leg on one side was higher than the other. This went on for a couple of years. One day I called and made an appointment with Dr. Smith. After seeing so many other chiropractors, I was not sure if she would be able to help me either. To my surprise, she has helped me tremendously in the short time I have been seeing her. My pants legs today are even, my back and neck pain has decreased to the point that its almost non-existence.

    If you are skeptical, don’t be. Dr. Smith is a great chiropractor and she really cares about her patients and their condition. She will do everything within her power to help you.

    Show More - Angela F. G., Financial Advisor
  • In May of 2006, I fell on the escalator, in Washington D.C. Since then I have been having extreme back pains. I couldn’t stand up straight, nor could I stand. I went to my doctor, he recommended me to Dr. Smith. That was a blessing, I’m really happy he did. Dr. Smith has helped me come from a world of pain, and has changed my life. Now I can resume, some of my normal activities. I would refer anyone in pain to see Dr. Smith ,because she has really and truly helped me. Thank You Dr. Smith from the bottom of my heart.

    Show More - Francena B
  • Before I started receiving care from Dr. Nailah Smith, I had lower back and side pain. My side pain was more frequent than my lower back pain. After just two visits Dr. Smith helped alleviate the pain and pressure in my side. I left the relief as soon as she finished with my adjustment.

    I didn’t really know what to expect going to a chiropractor. But she is really making me feel a lot better. I haven’t had any problems with my lower back pain. My side pain hurts but not as bad as it did before I start getting treatment from Dr. Smith.

    Thank You,

    Show More - Wendy H.
  • Dr. Smith was very friendly when I started my services with her. She helped me with my wrist. Dr. Smith is also very positive and encouraging . I was very scared at first but it was kind of fun. Now my wrist is okay. If I were you I’d schedule today.

    - Angel B., Student – Age 12

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