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Sometimes an isolated pain in a single part of the body can disrupt your whole day or even your whole lifestyle. Neck pain is one of those annoying, potentially disabling issues that can prevent you from working, sleeping, driving, or just having fun. If your day-to-day existence seems to have turned into one giant pain in the neck, you want an effective treatment that preferably doesn’t involve medication or surgery. Full Body Rejuvenation in Lithonia/Stonecrest can help you regain neck comfort and function the natural way.

The Story Behind Your Neck Pain

Up to 10 percent of Americans may be suffering from neck pain right now, just like you. This all-too-common occurrence can come at you for any number of reasons. Many kinds of neck pain are related to chronic overuse or repetitive motion at work or in a particular sport or hobby. Craning your neck, twisting your head to one side, or allowing your head to droop forward constantly can cause chronic neck strain and inflammation in the muscles and tendons. (This is why many smartphone users suffer from “text neck.”) You may be carrying your neck and head at an awkward angle without even realizing it due to negligent posture or a cervical spinal misalignment. Degenerative problems such as osteoarthritis or bulging discs can also produce constant or recurring neck pain.

Some forms of neck pain are associated with acute injuries. Perhaps the most infamous example is the injury syndrome known as whiplash. A hard jolt to the body that flings the head back and forth at high speed can cause severe neck strain, herniated discs, pinched nerves, or painful changes in your cervical spinal curvature.

Treatment and Preventative Guidance at Our Chiropractic Center

Full Body Rejuvenation Center can discover the cause of your neck pain and provide the right non-surgical treatments to control it at its source. Our whole-body treatment plans include a mix of methods such as chiropractic adjustments to the cervical spine, corrective exercises to help rehabilitate neck injuries, and a variety of physiotherapy techniques to ease tissue pain/inflammation and promote healing.

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Once you have a chronic neck condition under control, our chiropractic center can help you keep it from coming back to haunt you. We can suggest a number of postural and lifestyle changes to limit repetitive motion and neck strain. We also offer periodic spinal screenings and ongoing health and fitness advice to keep your neck in good shape.

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