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Learn How Chiropractic Care in Lithonia/Stonecrest and Atlanta, GA Can Help You Feel Better

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Though chiropractic care is widely accepted and utilized as an effective health, wellness, and treatment tool, our chiropractor, Dr. Nailah Smith, still sees many first time patients who are reluctant, nervous, or unclear about the principles and treatment methodologies applied in chiropractic care. At Full Body Rejuvenation, we hope to put first time patients' anxieties to rest by answering all questions and, most importantly, helping our patients from Lithonia/Stonecrest, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Decatur, and Atlanta, GA to feel better and reach their wellness goals.

Our Chiropractor Answers Your Frequently Asked Chiropractic Questions

Below, our chiropractor has provided answers to several frequently asked questions regarding chiropractic care. If you have further questions or are interested in seeking wellness and pain relief with chiropractic treatment, we encourage you to call (770) 733-1381 or visit our office serving patients in Lithonia/Stonecrest and Atlanta, GA.

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What is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care uses spinal adjustment, gentle spinal manipulation, and other non-invasive methodologies to reduce pain, increase circulation, and improve general health. It is a natural treatment alternative to pain medications and invasive surgery. Rather than masking pain like medications, chiropractic care seeks to heal ailments, stopping pain at its source.

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What is a chiropractic adjustment?

In chiropractic care, the word adjustment refers to the precise movement of joints by a chiropractor. During a chiropractic adjustment, our chiropractor uses gentle spinal manipulation, aided stretching or traction, or special percussive tools to restore the spine's (and other joints') natural alignment.

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How does my spine lose proper alignment?

Several factors contribute to spinal subluxations (misaligned vertebrae). Everyday stresses including mental, emotional, physical, and environment stress put added pressure on the body, causing tension and forcing the spine out of alignment. Illnesses and injuries sustained in vehicle accidents, during sports, slips and falls, or at work can cause the spine to move out of proper alignment as well. Spinal subluxations often painfully pinch nerves and cause muscle tension, hindering the function of the body's nervous and circulatory systems.

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Are there any side effects?

Chiropractic care is safe, natural, and non-invasive, but patients sometimes report minor side effects following an adjustment, similar to those experienced with physical therapy like tender muscles. Staying hydrated will mitigate post-adjustment soreness.

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When will I begin to see results?

Most patients report immediate relief from symptoms. Spinal adjustments improve circulation, relieve pinched nerves, and also reduce inflammation, pain, and muscle tension.

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How long will I need treatment?

The number of adjustments needed depends on the patient's condition, lifestyle, and response to treatment. Every patient differs and will require a different number of adjustments. More severe conditions might require adjustments three times a week for a month followed by one adjustment per week. Other patients will require fewer adjustments.

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What conditions can chiropractic care alleviate?

Several conditions can benefit from adjustments including back, neck, shoulder, and joint pain; headaches and migraines; fatigue; fibromyalgia; arthritis; herniated discs; degenerative discs; and more. To find out if chiropractic care will help you, schedule a consultation with our chiropractor today.


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