Neuromuscular Massage

Here at Full Body Rejuvenation, we offer a full menu of healing services that complement the care you get from our chiropractor. We have a massage therapist on staff because we want to offer patients massage therapy customized to their particular problem. Massage therapy like neuromuscular massage, also known as trigger point therapy, is particularly effective for people suffering from nerve pain and nerve tension.

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy


Neuromuscular massage therapy is usually recommended in cases where the patient has pain and/or tension caused by muscle spasms. The muscles can start to spasm severely for many reasons, and it creates a situation in which the muscles aren't getting sufficient blood (and therefore, insufficient oxygen.) When the muscles aren't getting enough oxygen rich blood, they will start to ramp up the production of lactic acid. Lactic acid buildup is what makes your muscles hurt so much, and it can make you feel like your whole body is aching.

Trigger Point Therapy and Chiropractor Care For Total Healing

The massage therapist will use very specific motions to help relax the muscles, thereby ending the muscle spasms. Once the muscles are manipulated in a specific way, they will be forced to let go of the built up lactic acid. This will in turn allow your muscles to receive the oxygen rich blood needed to feel and function normally again.

Neuromuscular therapy may feel a bit more uncomfortable than other forms of massage because it is such a targeted type of therapy. To alleviate the muscles pain, nerve tension and nerve pain, the massage therapist must work on the muscles in a fairly aggressive way with controlled pressure. The connections between your muscles and your nervous system are manipulated for a very specific result, thus the deep pressure is necessary for the best results. However, this massage should not be overly painful or uncomfortable.

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After a trigger point therapy massage, you may notice an immediate change in your ability to move more freely without pain. You may feel a lingering soreness, but this is just part of the healing process with this type of massage and is usually quite normal. You will typically realize an improved flexibility and looseness in your muscles for anywhere from several days up to several weeks.

Our chiropractor may recommend regular neuromuscular massage therapy sessions as part of a healing regimen designed for long term wellness. Your massage therapy sessions may be as frequent as a few times a week or it could be just a few times per month.

With this type of trigger point therapy massage, the massage is very highly customized based on the specific pain complaints you may have. The overall goal is to focus in on the specific muscles that are experiencing spasms so that they can be manipulated to stop the spasms and give you immediate pain relief.


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