Carpal Tunnel

If you need carpal tunnel syndrome treatment, wrist pain treatment, or work ergonomics advice, we at the Full Body Rejuvenation Center, serving Lithonia, GA, and Stonecrest, GA, are here to help. 


What Is Carpal Tunnel?

Carpal tunnel affects the nerve inside your wrist, known as your median nerve. It's necessary for the function of your hand. The nerve runs through a tunnel known as carpal tunnel, which consists of bones and a ligament. 

Whenever the nerve inside this tunnel is compressed, you may develop wrist pain, weakness, burning, and tingling. We refer to these symptoms as carpal tunnel. 

This condition generally stems from repetitive motions. That's why we associate it with writers who spend a great deal of time typing. Other professions are at risk and may even have a greater likelihood of developing it, such as those who use pieces of equipment that vibrate. The nerves in the wrists receive the vibrations, which can eventually cause problems with repeated use of the equipment. 

It's also possible for you to develop this issue if you have rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes. 

Diagnosing Carpal Tunnel  

Our first course of action may be to have you complete a medical history report. We can then see if you have any conditions or previous injuries, etc. that could contribute to carpal tunnel. We'll also discuss your symptoms with you, which can provide us with insight. 


When you visit us for treatment, our goal is to help provide you with pain and other symptom relief through a non-invasive, non-addictive approach. 

One of the main treatments we recommend is exercise therapy. We will educate you on exercises you can perform to improve the condition. We'll guide you through the stretches in our office and educate you on ones you can provide when you're not in our office. 

We can also provide you with work ergonomics advice to help you reduce the toll your job is taking on your wrists, among other treatments. 

Get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment, Wrist Pain Treatment, and Work Ergonomics Advice from a Chiropractor

We at Full Body Rejuvenation Center, serving Lithonia, GA, and Stonecrest, GA, offer a number of treatment approaches for carpal tunnel syndrome to help with your carpal tunnel. Our goal is to promote healing while providing symptom relief. 

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