Activator Technique


Principles of the Activator Technique

The Activator Technique, also referred to as the Activator Method, is an FDA-approved chiropractic technique that underwent three decades of development and 15 years of testing before taking its place as one of the most popular of all chiropractic techniques. It is designed to provide a smaller, gentler, more precise correction than manual techniques can offer, while at the same making adjustments physically easier for the chiropractor. The Activator itself is a mechanical or electronic device placed against the joint in need of correction. When triggered by our chiropractor, the device delivers a tiny, quick thrust that shifts joint components into their optimal positions quickly and accurately.

The gentle nature of the Activator Technique makes it extremely comfortable and safe even for infants and seniors. Additionally, the adjustments happen so quickly that the muscles don't even have time to react to them. As a result, your muscles put up less resistance to the adjustments, allowing them to achieve the desired effects more easily. Many patients simply prefer the gentlest, lightest adjustment technique available, which makes them ideal candidates for the Activator Technique.

Conditions Treated With the Activator Technique

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The Activator Technique can address the same kinds of musculoskeletal challenges as those served by manual chiropractic methods. In addition to treating localized joint pain and stiffness, this technique can improve your overall physical function by relieving nerve compression. This makes it valuable for treating everything from respiratory problems and neuropathy to internal organ disorders.

What to Expect From the Activator Technique

Undergoing an Activator session couldn't be easier. All you have to do is lie comfortably on the treatment table while your chiropractor applies the Activator device to specific joints. You may feel a gentle tapping sensation during this process; this tapping is actually the adjustment itself in action. Our team at Full Body Rejuvenation Center will then check the joint for improvement and repeat the adjustment if necessary.

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