Tennis Elbow (Epicondylitis)

Diagnosis and Treatment of Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow

Epicondylitis (tennis elbow) is the inflammation of tendons connecting upper arm muscles to the outside of your elbow. Also called "golfer's elbow", epicondylitis arises when tendons and muscles suffer stress from repeating strenuous, similar motions, such as when you swing golf clubs or tennis rackets continuously. Other actions can contribute to epicondylitis, such as using plumbing or electrical tools, painting houses/rooms, repetitive use of computer mouses and cutting up food for several hours a day. Any time you repeatedly contract forearm muscles without taking long rest periods, the risk of developing epicondylitis increases.

Signs of Tennis Elbow

In addition to elbow pain and tenderness, people diagnosed with epicondylitis feel:

  • Pain when lifting, gripping or grasping objects
  • Pain upon extending wrist soft tissues and muscles (sweeping or pouring fluids from heavy containers)
  • Elbow, hand and/or wrist stiffness especially in the morning
  • Sharp pains radiating from affected elbows to forearms and wrists
  • Feeling of weakness and tenderness in the forearm muscles
  • Inability to hold heavy items (too much pain, stiffness or weakness)

Tennis Elbow Treatment/Golfer's Elbow Treatment

Standard treatment for epicondylitis involves analgesic/anti-inflammatory creams, physical therapy or cortisone injections. Self-treatment with NSAIDS, ice and rest may provide temporary relief of tennis elbow but does nothing to heal damaged tendons. What usually happens is that someone tries to self-treat tennis elbow pain and resumes the same activities that caused epicondylitis before tissues have completely healed. Consequently, symptoms return and worsen rapidly because tendons have not fully recovered from micro-tearing and inflammation.

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Chiropractic tennis elbow treatment addresses the underlying cause of pain and stiffness--tiny tears in tendons and muscles--with a variety of effective, drug-free techniques. Cryotherapy uses alternating ice and heat to increase blood flow to the elbow and decrease inflammation. Your chiropractor may also recommend therapeutic ultrasound technology which applies sound waves to create warmth within damaged tissues. This warmth not only heals microtears but also works to reduce inflammation by stimulating collagen production, a substance naturally made by the body that helps heal skin and soft tissues.

Some people find that wearing a sling for support until golfer's elbow treatment is completed aids in the healing process by mobilizing the joint. Following a professional diagnosis, your chiropractor will determine which treatments can best contribute to your recovery from epicondylitis.

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