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Workers Comp Chiropractic Care In Lithonia/Stonecrest

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Full Body Rejuvenation Center takes pride in caring for hard-working individuals in Lithonia/Stonecrest. Our workers compensation chiropractor in Lithonia/Stonecrest understands the frustration that comes from a work-related injury. Whether the injury was sudden or occurred from repetitive movements, Dr. Nailah Smith provides chiropractic care for workers compensation concerns. We encourage you to notify your employer immediately if you have suffered an injury at work. This will determine if you require time away to heal or can perform a different job until you are fully recovered. It is important to seek chiropractic care as soon as possible to reduce your discomfort and your recovery time. Plus, when our chiropractor provides immediate care, your injuries are less likely to form lasting issues.

Workers Comp Chiropractor In Lithonia/Stonecrest

Dr. Smith is your workers comp chiropractor in Lithonia/Stonecrest. She evaluates your condition and may use x-rays to give her a better idea of your challenges. If the injury occurred suddenly, you may be experiencing:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Foot pain
  • Hip pain
  • Whiplash
  • Headaches
  • Muscle Strain
  • Disc Herniation
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Bruising

Some work-related injuries happen when something is dropped on you. If you work in a factory or have a physically demanding job, pieces of wood or metal may fall on your feet, back, or head. You wear safety equipment to prevent injuries, but accidents can occur. If you lift something unexpectedly heavy, you may cause a slipped disc in your back. Our chiropractor repositions your spine to alleviate the pressure on the disc and begin healing. If you drive for a living and are in an auto accident, you may feel whiplash in your neck. We can help reduce your discomfort by aligning your spine and relaxing the muscles.

Long-Term Workers Comp Chiropractic Care

Not all workers compensation injuries happen quickly. Some take months or years to show. If you perform the same movements day after day, your body may begin to complain. Overuse injuries may affect you’re:

  • Shoulders if you use heavy tools
  • Back if you sit or stand for long time periods
  • Wrists if you use a computer all day- carpal tunnel syndrome may occur
  • Feet if you stand for work without wearing proper footwear
  • Elbows from tendonitis if you perform the same movement on a machine
  • Joints from bursitis if you repeatedly squat, stand, reach, twist or lift

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These overuse injuries that happen at work are considered work-related and should be examined by our chiropractor. Dr. Smith will manipulate your spine into the best alignment to support your work demands. Our chiropractor uses techniques such as spinal traction to lengthen your spine and create more space between the vertebrae. This reduces pressure on the nerves exiting your spinal column. Dr. Smith also uses ultrasound to stimulate healing deep within inured muscle tissues. This promotes healing and muscle repair to alleviate muscle strains and spasms. At the onset of your injury, our goal is to reduce pain and inflammation. Our cryotherapy treatments have shown success in reducing back pain, neck pain and muscle pain.

Full Body Rejuvenation Center offers chiropractic care for workers compensation cases. We have a variety of services to address your injuries whether they happen suddenly or over time. We also educate you on changes you can make to prevent future injuries. We show you the best way to set up your work station to reduce your discomfort. We also show you how to sit, stand and lift to protect your back and neck. Please call us soon to reduce your chances of permanent discomfort from your injuries. We are available at (770) 733-1381.


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