Headaches & Migraines

A migraine can bring your day screeching to a halt. Friends, relatives, and employers might not understand how a headache can take you out of commission. Finding a way to keep migraines manageable can be a necessity. We at Full Body Rejuvenation Center are here to help promote wellness by providing chiropractic care for natural pain relief. Our chiropractor, Dr. Nailah Smith, proudly serves Lithonia, GA, and Stonecrest, GA and is ready to help give you relief from your chronic pain symptoms.


What are Headaches and Migraines?

The general answer is that a migraine is an extraordinarily bad headache but symptoms of a migraine might vary. Some might not even include a headache at all. They happen due to nerves in your brain activating in a way that causes various problems in your body. These symptoms can last up for a long time and can include pain, nausea, intense sensitivity to light, and vomiting. They can happen for a wide range of reasons and can impact anyone. When migraines occur, a good treatment can be to sleep, drink plenty of water, put a cold pack on your head, and maybe have a small cup of coffee. Our chiropractor can also help you by decreasing the intensity of migraines and decreasing your risk of getting one.

Chiropractor Treatment for Migraine

Your spinal column is responsible for sending signals from your brain to your body and back. These signals include your brain telling your body to start healing itself and your body telling your brain when it’s in pain. Over time, or because of trauma, your spinal column can come out of alignment. When that happens, your body’s capacity to heal itself may be diminished and you may experience pain.

Migraines might be made worse by misalignments to the neck and upper back. If you work at a desk or a job that requires heavy use of your shoulders, the act of daily living can be enough to shift the spinal column around your neck. Misalignments alter your nervous system, potentially making it more likely for the nerves that cause migraines to activate. Our treatment focuses on solving those misalignments, potentially leading to less frequent or less intense migraines.

Get Headache and Migraine Treatment from Our Chiropractor on Our Chiropractic Care Team

We at Full Body Rejuvenation Center wants to help you achieve natural pain relief for migraines. Our chiropractor, Dr. Nailah Smith, provides treatment for a migraine or headache. We serve Stonecrest, GA, and Lithonia, GA. Call (770) 733-1381 to get help with migraine and headache relief today.


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