Chiropractic Care and Treatment for Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia is a condition that affects the muscles and soft tissue. Its symptoms are erratic, but episodes generally inflict widespread musculoskeletal pain, multiple tender spots where even the slightest pressure causes pain, extreme fatigue, and a symptom suffers call fibro fog, during which they find it hard to focus and concentrate. An attack may come on suddenly or approach with a gradual accumulation of symptoms that may include irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, anxiety, or depression. Since it has no known cause, fibromyalgia is classified as a syndrome, but current research suggests it amplifies pain by altering the way the brain processes pain signals, and this puts it in a category chiropractic care can address.

Delivering Relief to Fibromyalgia Sufferers in Lithonia/Stonecrest, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Decatur, and Atlanta, GA

The basic tenet of chiropractic is that spinal manipulations and adjustments relieve pain by correcting misaligned vertebrae, thus relieving pressure on the spinal cord to restore a healthy nerve path from the brain to every cell, organ, and tissue of the body. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, our Lithonia/Stonecrest, GA chiropractor employs a number of leading edge physiotherapy techniques to relieve Fibromyalgia discomforts:

  • Therapeutic Ultrasound uses ultrasonic waves to produce gentle heat that increases blood circulation to alleviate pain and muscle spasms.

  • Electronic muscle stimulation or EMS employs an electric massage wand to increase blood flow, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the area and flushing out inflammatory toxins that accumulate in muscles. When used regularly, EMS has been found to attack fibromyalgia on several fronts - bringing better sleep, looser muscles, and increased energy.

  • Manual/mechanical traction can relieve spinal stenosis that can accompany fibromyalgia. This condition compresses the covering of the upper spine, compressing vertebrae and discs, resulting in nerve pain throughout the body. Spinal decompression, which can be applied either with the hands or devices on a decompression table deliver a gradual pulling force that separates the upper body from the lower, relieving pressure on the compressed discs and vertebrae.

  • Therapeutic Exercises, in the form of aerobics and strength builders, along with education, has been proven to improve fibromyalgia. Our physical therapist teaches patients how fibromyalgia affects the way their bodies perceive and respond to pain, and shows them how to interpret pain signals, then tailors a customized exercise program to help them manage, and decrease symptoms.

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Pain management is especially important for fibromyalgia since there is presently no cure on the horizon. One of the most effective tools for pain management is our personalized program of therapeutic massage focusing on pain relief and movement mobility. Regular massages, especially applied to tender spots, relieve muscle tension, improve blood flow, and flush out inflammatory toxins. Massage also releases endorphins, the body's natural neurotransmitters that interact with brain chemicals to reduce pain perception and trigger positive feelings throughout the body.

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