Physiotherapy Complements Chiropractic for Full Body Rejuvenation


Physiotherapy is a great complement to chiropractic care for patients recovering from injuries or managing pain. Here at Full Body Rejuvenation, we serve patients from all over Lithonia/Stonecrest, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Decatur, and Atlanta, GA with a full suite of services that accelerate healing and pain relief for long-term wellness. Our physiotherapy techniques relieve and rehabilitate the soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, intervertebral discs, etc.) that support healthy spinal alignment, which our chiropractor accomplishes through spinal adjustment techniques. By addressing your healing needs from multiple directions simultaneously, we help you feel better faster.

Types of Physiotherapy our Chiropractor Offers for the Surrounding Communities of Lithonia/Stonecrest, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Decatur, and Atlanta, GA

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, chiropractor Dr. Smith may recommend a personalized combination of these of physiotherapy techniques depending on your unique needs:

Therapeutic exercises—Retraining weak or injured muscles is essential to full recovery. Often, after years of poor posture, or after a car accident injury or other type of condition, various muscle groups need special exercises and stretches to rejuvenate them so that they can properly support your spine and daily activities. Core muscle strength is also critical for a healthy spine! Dr. Smith coaches patients in the proper practice of exercises and stretches designed to boost strength, stability and range of motion.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)—During EMS, we administer an electrical impulse directly into an injured muscle or other soft tissue. The electrical impulse stops pain at the site, while also helping during the muscle-retraining process. During treatment, we attach adhesive patches to the skin over the injury site, then send electrical current through the patch and into the soft tissue. Muscles will contract and relax, boosting circulation to the site. This helps rush fresh nutrients into the muscle while pushing out toxins to accelerate natural healing.

Cryotherapy—Muscle and other soft tissue injuries also benefit from alternating application of ice, heat and Biofreeze. This helps reduce inflammation and stimulates natural healing processes. In fact, not only is cryotherapy good for things like back pain, neck pain and other muscular pains, many of our athlete patients use it as part of their training for sporting events because it helps muscles recover more quickly after exertion and helps prepare them for optimal performance.

Therapeutic ultrasound—Your ears cannot hear it, but your body can; our chiropractor applies ultrasonic sound waves into injured tissue stimulates deep heating inside muscles, tendons and ligaments. The vibrations caused by these waves help reduce inflammation while spurring collagen production to bolster and heal injured soft tissues.

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Manual & Mechanical Traction—Traction can be very helpful for back pain and neck pain by strategically stretching segments of the spine. This improves spinal range of motion, helps to rehabilitate and refresh the intervertebral discs and stretch the spinal joints. It is a great complement for chiropractic care.

If you need help for pain relief, injury recovery or overall wellness in Lithonia/Stonecrest, Stone Mountain, Conyers, Decatur, and Atlanta, GA, physiotherapy can help! Schedule an appointment with Full Body Rejuvenation today by calling (770) 733-1381.


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